JJ Watt for Mizzen and Main

The last round of the Mizzen + Main athlete campaign is none other than JJ Watt. What a beast. JJ Watt is the brand ambassador for Mizzen + Main. One of the heaviest hitters (literally) in the NFL with a passion for looking sharp and keeping things made in America. 

He was a champ in the studio. Very great to work with and knows how to work the camera. (I mean it wasn't his first rodeo.) 

Also, the first picture features a pocket square from one of my other clients, Quixotic. Pretty cool to have one of their squares in the ensemble. 

Head over to Mizzen + Main's website to see their full spread and write up.

Working Creative

A new podcast on making a living doing creative work.

I am excited to share Working Creative, a new podcast I have been working on for several months. 

When I started doing freelance creative work, I had no idea what I was doing. I knew how to do my craft, but I did not know how to run a business. I desperately looked for a resource to give insight into running your own freelance business, and I couldn't find one.

I hope that this can become the resource I was looking for when I was starting my freelance business. The compass for navigating the choppy sea of starting to freelance.

We launched with four episodes and just put out our fifth one this week. Head on over to workingcreative.co to check it out.

John Isner - Mizzen and Main

Next up on the Mizzen+Main athlete campaign is John Isner.

Isner is a professional tennis player who competed in the longest tennis match in history. The match lasted over eleven hours and spanned over three days. He won. Aint no thang.

He is also huge. Isner comes in at two inches taller than me (I'm 6'9"). It was actually really great to get to photograph someone taller than me. My back and legs were very grateful to not have to bend way way down like I normally do.

Check the interview video by Jersean Golatt at the end of the post!


Here's a photo of John with the team for scale.

....and I don't have shoes on...so...you know..take that into consideration.

Jake Arrieta - Mizzen + Main

First up on the Mizzen and Main athlete campaign I have been shooting is Jake Arrieta, the pitcher for the Chicago Cubs. 

Jake was really great to work with and down to do some fun things in the shoot. 

We have five other athletes being featured in the coming months. 

Check out the behind the scenes video by Jersean Golatt at the end of the post!


Mizzen+Main SS 2016

Mizzen + Main just launched there SS16 campaign that I shot with them last year. It was really fun to do both studio and lifestyle. We had an amazing creative team for these shoots. Our stylist, Carlos Alonso-Parada, is awesome. If you are in Dallas and are in need of a stylist, he's your guy.

The Mizzen+Main team also made a sweet lookbook with the images. It's legit, y'all.

You can view the photos on their website: mizzenandmain.com

Told you the lookbook stuff was sweet. 

Woodville Hardwoods

My brother, Cameron, found this amazing lumber yard on a trip out to Woodville, TX. Woodville Hardwoods is a mill that makes railroad ties. We went to this place twice. The first time was with my cousins. My cousin, Sheridan, sweet talked a worker saying she had a photo project  and he let us go wherever we wanted. It was late that day and the lighting was poor, so Cameron and I went back to take these.

All photos featuring me were taken by Cameron Ross.

 Richard Ross