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I know, a brewery in Pawtucket, Rhode Island already seems like a joke in itself. When you walk into Foolproof Brewery it’s hard not to ask if Family Guy's Peter Griffin is working that day. But the founders of Foolproof Brewery seem to be aware of the humor and play along. Jim Gaffigan and other comedians can be heard booming out of the brewery speakers during working hours, and they even have three massive brewing tanks nicknamed Larry, Curly, and Moe. Their logo may be a court jester, but Foolproof Brewery is very serious about one thing: brewing incredible beer right here in Rhode Island.


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In 2008, Nick Garrison, president and founder of Foolproof Brewery, had a steady career in the aerospace industry. He spent his spare time brewing beer at home and had a goal of brewing all the beer to be served at his upcoming wedding. He succeeded in his goal. The beer was received very well and many people suggested that he start doing this full time. On his honeymoon, he was with his new bride at a brewpub in Quebec when she said, “How cool would it be to own a place like this of our own?” Nick practically did backflips of happiness upon hearing this thought from his wife. “Literally, I tell people that that was the exact moment in time that I knew I was going to open a brewery,” Nick said. 

He came home, started putting thoughts on paper, and reached out to anyone he could to get advice from. Four years later he had a plan, investors, a team (including brewmaster Damase Olsson who is the 46th great grandson of Saint Arnold of Metz, the great Patron Saint of Brewers), and left the aerospace industry to start brewing full time. “It was the hardest thing I had ever done.” Then, on December 7, 2012, a day that will live in infamy for Foolproof, their first batch of beer was brewed. It was their Backyard IPA which, coincidentally, is their best selling beer. 

Foolproof's goal is to connect beer with experiences. Different beers go with different activities or occasions. Hanging in your backyard, sitting at the bar, taking it easy on a rainy day, Foolproof links their beers to these experiences. Today, they have expanded their brewery and now distribute to Massachusetts and Connecticut. Check out their website for their full list of beers, brewery tour information, as well as where you can find them in a bar or liquor store near you.

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