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new harvest coffee roasters

Not all coffee beans are the same. This is fully realized when drinking a cup of joe from New Harvest Coffee Roasters. There is a palpable passion poured into the coffee that comes from this company. I had a chance to visit with the company when I lived in Rhode Island.

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Coffee beans pre roasting.

Coffee beans pre roasting.

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I don’t know if you are aware, but big things are happening in Rhode Island in the coffee scene. Travel and Leisure recently listed the best coffee cites in America and Providence, RI ranked in at number four. New Harvest Coffee is definitely a reason for this, and when you visit their roaster it becomes clear why. 

When you walk into the old industrial brick building that houses New Harvest, you are greeted with a rich aesthetic of hard work and elbow grease. The long hallway of thick hardwood floors that leads to the shop has you wondering what used to happen in this building. The smell of coffee hits your nose and you know you're at the right spot. The workers are friendly and have this calm cool about them. You can tell that everyone here has one strong common interest: coffee. Everyone here loves coffee. They are excited about it, and they are eager to educate you and get you excited about coffee, too. You can come here and order a quick cup to go or you can come learn new ways of brewing that perfect cup at home. 

New Harvest is great for the casual coffee drinker and the expert barista. They are involved in every step of the coffee process and even have direct relationships with the farms that they buy their coffee from. They are dedicated to ensuring that the highest quality product is delivered to their customers. 

If you are in the area, stop by New Harvest in Pawtucket or their new coffee and spirits shop in the heart of Providence (they have an incredible whiskey selection).  If you aren't in Rhode Island and won't be visiting soon, don't worry. You can order their coffee online, and they ship to all fifty states. 

This was originally posted on the Kiel James Patrick blog Foxhawk.

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